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June 13 - 30

Wednesdays 7:30
Thursdays 7:30pm
Fridays 8:00 pm
Saturdays 3pm, 8pm
Sundays: 3pm


1306 N. Wilton Place, Hollywood, CA 90028

BLUE KISS is an intense drama about a life-changing encounter between a 30 year old high school English teacher and a 17 year old girl who has come to his apartment to be tutored for her upcoming SATs, but one of them brings a very personal agenda to this first meeting, and events take a surprising turn.


STEVE FIFE - Playwright
Steve Fife

in the professional theater for over 40 years, Steve had 10 plays produced Off-Broadway in New York and in Los Angeles, Has written for the New York Times, Village Voice, New Republic, and was a literary manager for Primary Stages Company in NYC for its first four years. His theater memoir "BEST REVENGE: How the Theater Saved My Life and Has Been Killing Me Ever Since" was published by Cune Press in 2004.

His play "SAVAGE WORLD" was produced at the Met theater in Los Angeles and was named one of the best plays of 2008 by Backstage West. Steve has been an Ovation Voter for 9 of the last 10 years, and is A member of the EST-LA Playwrights Unit.
YUVAL SHREM - Director
Yuval Shrem

Currently directing BLUE KISS – The world premiere of a new play by Stephen Fife, presented at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Also, currently in post-production on films “As Night Falls” (short), and “A Plea For Tenderness”.

Yuval Shrem has worked in the forfront of the Israeli television industry since 1995,  both as a music composer, screen writer and director, and has been creatively involved in 
hundreds of television programs in Israel.

In July 2002, Yuval Shrem moved to California, and he lives in Los Angeles ever since.

In 2009 Yuval became a member of The Actor’s Studio West as a director in the  Playwright/Director’s Unit, where he met Steve Fife and directed the dark comedy SIZZLE SIZZLE which 
he is now adapting to a feature film, based on Stephen Fife’s play.

Recently, Yuval co-founded FABLE ENTERTAINMENT – a Hollywood based content and production company, and the acclaimed music software company: FABLE SOUNDS.

Jeremy Mascia At a very young age, after playing a trumpet boy in the San Francisco Opera's Carmen, Jeremy caught the acting bug. He is a member of PianoFight Productions, a fast growing theater company based in San Francisco, and recently joined the Vagrancy, a Los Angeles based theater company that focuses on mounting new, lesser known works.
Theater creds include: The Trial of Lizzie Borden at Zombie Joes Underground, Solid Gold Cadillac at SIerra Madre Playhouse, the Ovation reccomended Death of a Salesgirl at the Bootleg Theater, and the LA Times critic choice production Master Classat International City Theater. Jeremy could not be happier to be a part of this production of Blue Kiss.
Julie Rothman Julie Rothman was born May 29, 1990 to Allen and Jeanne Rothman. She has lived in Southern California all her life with her parents and two older sisters Rebecca and Lara Rothman. Julie began entertaining at the age of five, and quickly progressed from there, expanding her performances to comically bad magic shows, window rattling vocal performances, and semi-choreographed dancing at parties.
Julie is best known for her small frame (4"10), big personality, and tremendous ability to make people laugh.
Samantha Avery

Since her move to LA in February 2012, Samantha has trained with the incredible coaches John Kirby and Johhny Venokur. She has starred in numerous short films and is currently cast in two upcoming features.

Samantha has created several projects of her own and was recently the lead role in a Doritos Commercial. She can tackle anything from the Girl Next Door role to the manipulative psychopath. She studied at the University of Michigan, graduating with honors. While there, Samantha had lead roles in the soon to be released feature, A Grain of Sand, and the television show, The Midnight Hour.  Her short film Detour also placed in the top ten in The National Film Challenge.
The never-ending support from her parents and family has allowed her to follow her dream of being an actress. She will always be grateful.    

Beck Black

Beck Black is a well versed performer on both the theatrical and music stage. Lead singer, composer, and key-boardist of the Los Angeles based band "The Moonbeams"

She's electric, eclectic, enthralling, and exciting to watch. LA Weekly describes her music as: "Given Beck Black's glamorous image and her background as an actress (she appeared on Grey's Anatomy, had a small role in Clint Eastwood's Changeling and was a regular on Elimidate, of all things),

you might expect the music she makes to be frothy, glitzy and poppy. Instead, with her local band The Moonbeams, she pumps out dark and heavy swells of funereal organ while crooning dourly about being trapped between "the material world and the spiritual realm."

At times, her moody blues evoke the Doors at their strangest, or perhaps a more gothic Nico, wrapped up in a web of eerily spidery harpsichord lines. At other times, the Moonbeams kick out the jams with a punk-rock intensity, pushing Black madly along as she reverses gender roles on an apocalyptic version of the Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog," before switching back to the shadowy, simmering soul of febrile original ballads like "On My Way." —Falling James

Chief editor of Artist Direct, Rick Florino quotes "The Moonbeams shine brightly on "Rock On!".The Los Angeles trio's latest single shimmers with an infectious and intimate energy. Its slick and sexy swagger immediately hits with a theatrical bounce and undeniable charm. The Moonbeams are going to rise to the top of your playlist quickly and, very soon, to the top of rock 'n' roll."
Read more at . "Rock On" & The Moonbeams' other single "Life's a Circus" airs on KROQ FM consistantly on Rodney Bingenheimer's "Rodney on the Rox" show on Sundays since December of 2012.

Beck Black, a classically trained pianist, began writing poetry and was published at an early age. She graduated with honors from UNCW with a degree in Film. She was taught there by Frank Capra Jr. the art of screen writing, directing, and method acting. Beck has appeared in many cameos on TV and in Film. She is also known as an activist for Native Americans, she is part Cherokee, Eastern band, originally from the coast of North Carolina. This is Beck's second play with the award winning script writer, Stephen Fife. She starred in his musical production "Charming" last year as "Sleeping Beauty".

For more info please visit

Julia Eringer Julia is a fresh face to Los Angeles having moved here from England this year. She is a graduate of the prestigious Drama Center London, and has been on stage in Sam Shepherd's Fools For Love,and Cindy Lue Johnson's Brilliant Traces, as well as number of devised theatrical projects under James Kemp and Alan Dunnett.
She recently portrayed Amy Winehouse in the docu-drama feature Amy Winehouse: Fallen Star, and has starred in a number of other independent.

Bob Legget of THE EXAMINER wrote:

"The story by Stephen Fife was compelling, and the play was ably directed by Yuval Shrem."; "The actors rose to the challenge, and gave a wonderful performance"; "Needless to say, I recommend the play"; "I will be back to see it again".


Miguel Garcia of pLAywriting in the city wrote:

"A very rich story"; "The performances in Blue Kiss are strong and worth watching.  Jeremy Mascia gives an excellent performance" ; "Mascia also does a great job of capturing lighter, comedic moments that help keep the audience engaged throughout the plot’s convoluted journey.  Julie Rothman has a strong stage presence" ; "Mascia and Rothman have wonderful on stage chemistry".

more to come...